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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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of the republican race for president, after donald trump wins the indiana primary, ted cruz drops out. john kasich stays in but for how much longer? thank you for joining us, i'm lesli foster.>> donald trump is now the presumptive republican nominee for president. he won big in the indiana primary with 53% of the vote. ted cruz with about 37%, john kasich 7.5% even before all the numbers were in ted cruz made a major announcement. >> donald trump has a few things to celebrate. >> we have the only local reporter and garrett has been traveling since the very first votes in iowa. now the truck campaign shifts-- now the donald trump tenpin-- campaign shifts course. reporter: this is something theyve
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few in the republican party saw it coming. after seven victories in a row each time getting above 50% of the vote, he is now the presumptive nominee knocking ted cruz out of the race and he did it in dramatic fashion. he threw everything he had, the endorsement of the governor, millions of dollars in backing, and the endorsement of his running mate who he named and anything to move the needle, at the end of the day it simply was not enough which he acknowledged in his concession speech. >> together we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. so with a heavy heart,
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boundless optimism for the long- term future of our nation we are suspending our campaign. reporter: at that announcement drew enormous cheers at trump tower and caught the campaign offguard, he had to rewrite some of his remarks coming down about 15 minutes late and like a battleship slowly turning we saw this private for the general election. his remarks focused almost entirely on party unity. >> what he did was really a very brave thing to do because we want to bring unity to the republican party. we have to bring unity. >> that is what the next month and a half will be about. they still have a pesky
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the name of john kasich that he will have to finish off but he and the republican party have a giant task to show up the-- so the rift-- to sew up the rift in the fall. >> since he is now the presumptive nominee do you expect we may see less time campaigning? >> that is the expectation. right now he has no events scheduled. so far one event scheduled of the states that are remaining he either faces no significant opposition or typically, we see the presumptive nominee start to shift to a more important task which is raising money. $1 billion necessary to run a general election campaign and that is likely to become the
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some of the primary states left to vote. john kasich still sees this as a two-man race and pledges to stay in because of the-- until the convention. bernie sanders declared the winner of indiana at this hour, he has 53% of the vote, hillary clinton with just over 47% with 81% of precincts reporting. tonight bernie sanders told his supporters that the clinton campaign thinks it is over, they are wrong. clinton has not yet responded but did say donald trump was to be giving risk for the country. >> what is ahead before july and the gop convention in cleveland? in philadelphia the democrats have 9 primaries and one caucus with more than 1000 delegates. the next big night is june 7 when voters in 6 states will head to the polls.
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nine primaries with 445 delegates to seven also big for the gop. now would be a good time to download the news application, and complete results as this historic campaign marches toward november. a man that is mentally ill turned a bus into a deadly weapon attacking to make people while they were working. >> we learned the names of those involved, the man who was killed and the man who hijacked a bus filled with passengers. allison barber is live to tell us more. police say the man who lost his wife is anthony pain. the suspect is police
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he has been arrested several times. they are arrests, not convictions but the sources tell me that loving has a history of mental illness and possibly suffered from bipolar disorder. >> within 90 seconds of stepping on the bus they say keith loving pulled a weapon, and took complete control of the bus. >> all of the passengers, when they see what was going on-- reporter: he drove off eventually heading straight into a gas station. running over a man in the parking lot. he was screaming and when we looked it was chaos.
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responded. it was too late for the man at the gas station. 40-year-old anthony payne died at the scene. sources tell wusa that he worked in odd jobs cleaning the parking lot. now his place of work is covered in orange marks mapping out the crime that stole his life. >> the bus driver and payne -- loving went to the hospital. he actually pushed an emergency button which is why they were able to get on the scene so quickly. loving is charged with murder as well. reporting live i'm allison barber, wusa9. >> the bus had a camera on it and the entire incident is captured on tape. have a look at this. men with guns jumped through-- jumped through a drive-through window and police are hoping you can help
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someone gets hurt. >> we are live where this happened and at the navy yard, talk about bold. >> this is a busy mcdonald's, 24 hours, you can see the line, we are right at the corner of s. capitol st. and certainly a busy mcdonald's. as you said a bold attack all caught on surveillance video. >> they did not just drive- through the mcdonald's, they jumped through the window one after another. 2 out of the three suspects were armed and the robbery happened around three deck 15 in the morning with the car still running outside the suspects forced the employees to unlock cash registers to clean them out. at least 2 other cash drawers, an undisclosed amount
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with identities will concealed they scrambled out of the store in less than 3 minutes. now they are asking for the help of the public hoping you may recognize anything about these suspects for the vehicle. >> we did get a hold of mcdonald's, we wanted to comment-- we did not want to comment on the fact that all of their employees were okay and uninjured. >> that is the most important thing, thank you. crime solvers is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. another night with a yellow weather alert in the rainy week ahead. >> topper, we will need an umbrella again in the morning? >> and probably again on thursday. here is radar already some showers, they are just northwest
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at the station. we have your activity down to the south. heavy rain especially down to the west of manassas and way down to midland. no hail or wind but that is heading northeast in the next 30 minutes. we will talk about how many weather alerts the week is going to take but now download the application, you can access the radar and anything you see online you can get on your phone. give it a shot. a man shot multiple times and killed this afternoon, off the 4500 walk this afternoon, off the 4500 walk illinois avenue. this afternoon, off the 4500 walk illinois avenue. the victim was found unconscious and later died at the hospital. >> this happened at home and so much activity you really don't know
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when i come in i am in, i don't go back out. there are witnesses that are still working to track down the suspect. >> here comes the big news. a one-of-a-kind place, a graveyard for old cars and people are dying to get in. you will see that only on my mac. amazing stories of survival for kids with parents in prison. you will meet the people who helps them overcome unbelievable obstacles. people lining up to fulfill in
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one deadly mistake after another. one management failure after another a contributing to last year's smoke in the tunnel incident. one woman died, dozens of other passengers were rushed to the hospital and today's final report, they said the smoke was caused by a prolonged electrical short. making matters worse, a spot detector close to the fire did not work. the operator had to wait too long for approval to shut off events and the operations center triggered fans that concentrated smoke around the passengers. issues for all tied to poor maintenance and according to the report just plain bad management. the only encouraging word was about new management headed by the general manager. >> new leadership has shown ability to take unprecedented steps to make the system safer which is what we are all about.
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>> they are urging the white house to appoint a federal where they-- railroad-- railway administration. officials are considering settling cars between george hendrick union station and want to know what you think. the transportation department will join to hold a public meeting tuesday, may 17 at the carnegie library and they will focus on the environmental impact in northwest. america will hit the road for summer vacation in a couple of months. >> we discovered a roadside attraction like no other. it has everything., history and mother nature. >> here comes the big news. >> here in america there is an automobile for every 4.5 people . >> in an old cotton field a part of american history is
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>> i always but all-american. >> this may be the largest junkyard of its kind. 32 acres and some date back to the 20s. they have lived on this land their whole life.>> i'm still in the junkyard. >> it was started by his parents and for decades he made his living by selling parts. 15 years ago he drove the company in a new direction. some thought a dead-end. this could be the only junkyard where nothing is for sale. >> i want to sell anything. reporter: he makes his living from-- photographers in business is beautiful. >>
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drive from california and new york, washington. >> it was an open field but 50 years of nature turned the landscape into a forest. he drove 400 miles to get here. >> each car had a history that is slowly disappearing. >> photographers state to-four days. reporter: it has more than 4000 cars and trucks. if you photographed one a day it would take 11 years to photograph all of them. >> many of these cars cruised down the road of america starting at roadside attractions. today they are the attraction. >> they are rambling back to life in pictures. >> that is quality.
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>> scotland sprecher--scott, wusa9 news. >> if you want to take pictures a calls $25. >> i would say to-three hours. >> let's talk about these degrees, speaking of 4, 69 for the high? want to guess what it really was? 73. >> we are going to go 64 tomorrow and with the northeast flow i think we will be okay tomorrow. it is 59, low so far today and there will be a midnight low. these winds will be with us probably for the week keep us not crazy wet but unsettled and cool.
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just about to cross i-95. nothing is severe but we're looking at light activity and some moderate activity, the heaviest activity is south of 66 down toward manassas. everything pushing off to the east, on the storm tracker. yellow weather alert for tomorrow, bus stop, chilly. it will be wet and damp, nothing heavy but both commutes could be wet and yellow weather alert required for more rain on thursday. 6:00, notice the shades of green where everything is like, it is miserable. by 9:00 the lion's share of showers are out to the rest but temps in the 50s. by lunchtime folks are still in
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and by evening you are headed home, showers are still possible and nothing heavy. that is as far as we get. temperatures only 60 degrees by 1:00 p.m. >> it has rained 11 of the last 13 days but maybe a shower on saturday. the rest of the day looks fine, near 80 on monday and back in the low-80s and tuesday. it is not easy being the child of someone in prison. if you of them were honored tonight. a nonprofit that serves the needs of the children who have lost their parents hosted tonight's gathering and recognized a young artist
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howard student who founded her own nonprofit while in high school. destiny lost her father last month in north carolina and was killed by protecting a son during a shooting. >> when my father was in north carolina, they took me down. >> they took me down to see my father. the us currently has more than 2 million people in prison or jail, more than any other country in the world. >> the washington nationals hit a roadblock but have regrouped on the road.
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>> after getting swept at home by the phillies this road trip was supposed to be a tough test for the washington nationals but so far they swept their first opponent and are going for their fifth win on a gorgeous night for some baseball in kansas city. it was a big sixth inning for the nationals. chris camps it up with this triple, 3 runs scored in the sixth inning. they don't want to get ahead of themselves. jason with a big shot, however the ninth inning gave the royals strapping the 4 game win streak. >> they have been more about the physical plays more than the hockey game itself. the latest to
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this hit. they will miss game 4 thanks to a one-game suspension and that could be a big advantage for the capitals. >> i love to be able to go out there and drop the glove but it is not old-school hockey but the league will take care of it and keep the rest of the series clean and hard. >> excitement surrounding, both teams will face off this time at the verizon center. this has been and today they went hollywood. on the ellen dere
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people want from her, a nice little dance off. the two gentlemen left are the ones that started the challenge. >> she got everyone out there. the boys are out there but it was them who made it go viral. it was not youtube that made that go viral.
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do you want to be a star on broadway? you have to get in line. this is the line where casting directors held open auditions for the hit musical and these singers are hoping to land a spot on the rare-- on the production or to join the upcoming national tours.
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>> i want to be in the room where it happens. i want to be in the room where it happens. yellow weather alert tomorrow and thursday, they have rain and showers both days
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>> stephen: hey, dakota johnson, thank you so much for being here. >> hi, stephen. >> stephen: i'm really looking forward to your new movie "a bigger splash." >> thank you. >> stephen: it must be so fun to work with tomming hanks. >> what do you mean? >> stephen: "a bigger splash." it's a sequel to big and splash where tom hanks wishes to be a mermaid and learns a lesson about love. >> no, this one is actually sort of a gripping drama that's sort of erotic. >> stephen: yeah, yeah. gripping, erotic drama, tom hanks. >> no, it's about a rock star played by tilde squintop and she her ex-boyfriend ray fines comes to see her when she's


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